Emerging Writers Guidelines

*Update: Submissions for 2020 are now open!*

Our America's Emerging Writers series is an experimental project designed to match writers looking for new readers with readers looking for new writers.

For complete details on this series, please see our Emerging Writers FAQ page.

What type of writing are you looking for?

We are specifically looking for stories in the following genres:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Action/Thriller
  • Young Adult
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction

What type of writing are you not looking for?

We will not accept any writing with an excess of profanity, violence, sexual content, or any writing that romanticizes/glorifies (to any extent) self-harm, suicide, or drug abuse. We will not publish erotic fiction or fan-fiction, nor any other genres that are not represented above.

We try to keep partisan politics out of our publications, in an effort to keep our publications enjoyable for people of all backgrounds and ideologies. Touching on current social, political, and economic issues is fine to a certain extent, but you should also submit non-political writing in case we deem the political statement to be too strong for our publication (e.g. specifically naming politicians, demonizing a political party or belief, etc.).

Other Important Submission Guidelines

-You may submit a maximum of three stories for each genre--attached in one document--for a total of ten writings. Within your submission, kindly write your pen name and the genre of the following story before each new story begins. Be sure to attach all writings in the same document--don't fill out the submissions form multiple times.

-If selected, you will be notified via the email you list on your submission page, so make sure to double-check the box to make sure there are no typos (you'd be surprised how often we had to pull someone's work from a book due to an incorrect email.) Also, be sure to check the inbox (and junk folder, just in case) of your listed email account on a regular basis following your state's submission deadline. If we cannot get in touch with you regarding your submission, your writing will likely be withdrawn from the manuscript.

-Do not send us documents of over 100 pages in length.

-Do not send us any writing for which you do not have full rights. If the writing has already been published by a third party (such as an online blog, a literary journal, or a newspaper), then it is very likely that you do not maintain full rights to the work. 

-Microsoft Word submissions are preferred. PDF and Pages are acceptable. We will not open submissions saved in any format we don't recognize.

-Author bios (100-word max) must be written in the third person.

-Be patient: Please do not email us to check on the status of your submission. If you received an automatic confirmation email after making your submission, you can rest assured that we received it. When the submissions have been chosen for each new book, we will notify the chosen authors via email.

We are always looking for new talent, so don't be shy. We'll be looking forward to your submission!

2020 Submissions Deadlines

Alabama: Sunday, February 23rd (11:59 PM, CST)
Alaska: Sunday, January 19th (11:59 PM, CST)
Arizona: Sunday, March 8th (11:59 PM, CST)
Arkansas: Sunday, February 9th (11:59 PM, CST)
California: Sunday, March 22nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Colorado: Sunday, February 23rd (11:59 PM, CST)
Connecticut: Sunday, February 16th (11:59 PM, CST)
Delaware: Sunday, January 26th (11:59 PM, CST)
Florida: Sunday, March 22nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Georgia: Sunday, March 15th (11:59 PM, CST)
Hawaii: Sunday, February 2nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Idaho: Sunday, February 2nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Illinois: Sunday, March 15th (11:59 PM, CST)
Indiana: Sunday, March 1st (11:59 PM, CST)
Iowa: Sunday, February 16th (11:59 PM, CST)
Kansas: Sunday, February 9th (11:59 PM, CST)
Kentucky: Sunday, February 16th (11:59 PM, CST)
Louisiana: Sunday, February 23rd (11:59 PM, CST)
Maine: Sunday, January 26th (11:59 PM, CST)
Maryland: Sunday, March 1st (11:59 PM, CST)
Massachusetts: Sunday, March 8th (11:59 PM, CST)
Michigan: Sunday, March 15th (11:59 PM, CST)
Minnesota: Sunday, February 23rd (11:59 PM, CST)
Mississippi: Sunday, February 9th (11:59 PM, CST)
Missouri: Sunday, March 1st (11:59 PM, CST)
Montana: Sunday, January 26th (11:59 PM, CST)
Nebraska: Sunday, February 2nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Nevada: Sunday, February 9th (11:59 PM, CST)
New Hampshire: Sunday, January 26th (11:59 PM, CST)
New Jersey: Sunday, March 8th (11:59 PM, CST)
New Mexico: Sunday, February 2nd (11:59 PM, CST)
New York: Sunday, March 22nd (11:59 PM, CST)
North Carolina: Sunday, March 15th (11:59 PM, CST)
North Dakota: Sunday, January 19th (11:59 PM, CST)
Ohio: Sunday, March 15th (11:59 PM, CST)
Oklahoma: Sunday, February 16th (11:59 PM, CST)
Oregon: Sunday, February 16th (11:59 PM, CST)
Pennsylvania: Sunday, March 22nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Rhode Island: Sunday, January 26th (11:59 PM, CST)
South Carolina: Sunday, February 23rd (11:59 PM, CST)
South Dakota: Sunday, January 19th (11:59 PM, CST)
Tennessee: Sunday, March 1st (11:59 PM, CST)
Texas: Sunday, March 22nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Utah: Sunday, February 9th (11:59 PM, CST)
Vermont:  Sunday, January 19th (11:59 PM, CST)
Virginia: Sunday, March 8th (11:59 PM, CST)
Washington: Sunday, March 8th (11:59 PM, CST)
West Virginia: Sunday, February 2nd (11:59 PM, CST)
Wisconsin: Sunday, March 1st (11:59 PM, CST)
Wyoming: Sunday, January 19th (11:59 PM, CST)

    When you're ready, submit using the form below: