Affiliate Program FAQ

Who is eligible to join the Indie Treasure Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program is reserved for artists whose work has been accepted onto our site.

Where can I sign up?

If you have work published on our site, you can sign up here.

How do I earn commission payments?

After signing up, you can send your custom affiliate link via email, text, or social media. Anytime someone clicks that link and buys anything from our site, you will be credited 20% of the total order value (not including shipping/taxes).

How do I receive the money I have earned? Indie Treasure pays out affiliates once per month, exclusively via PayPal. Make sure you have a PayPal-verified email address inputted in your affiliate account. Otherwise, we will have no where to deposit your funds. We do not send checks or conduct bank transfers.

My custom affiliate link directs customers to the home page. How can I instead use my custom affiliate link to send customers to my products specifically?

Go to the search page on Search the name we used to publish your art so that only your products come up. Copy the URL of this page. Then, on LeadDyno, find Your Referral Link on the homepage and change the URL to the one you copied. A warning will come up, which can be ignored. You may use the link that LeadDyno generates to send customers to your products instead of the homepage, and the orders will be automatically tracked to credit your commissions.

Do customers that I refer need to buy products with my work in order to generate commission?

No. You will be credited for any sales you generate on our site, not just your artistic contributions.